The Classic White Shirt: A Timeless Wardrobe Must-Have

The classic white shirt is an absolute must-have in your wardrobe. It's timeless, never goes out of style, easily pairs with other clothing items and can easily be dressed up or down. A longer shirt length gives you more versatility because you can either tuck it in or wear it untucked with a belt at the waist.

The 1, 2, 3 of picking the perfect white shirt:

  1. Cotton, twill and cotton blends are your best bet because they are comfortable and not too sheer. If you can find one with just a bit of elasticity or stretch, even better because it will give the shirt some structure.

  2. Picking a shirt with the right fit is non-negotiable. The right shirt should fit you without pulling across the back, across the bust, under the arms or at the waist. It should follow your contours and shouldn't leave a gap between the buttons across your bust or waist.

  3. The sleeves of the shirt should reach just past your wrist joint. Any longer or shorter and it will be unflattering.

You can buy our classic white shirt here. Happy shopping!

The Vivienne Taa Classic White Shirt

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